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This song is off of the album “Adrenaline Rush” released in 1997. Basically the song is about Twista naming things that give him an adrenaline rush, like shooting people and smoking blunts.

The album debuted at #10 on the . Billboard 200 music chart, selling over 41,000 copies in its 1st week; this was markedly poorer than the first week performance of The Day After , which debuted #2 with about 130,000 copies sold. [11] The album also dropped off the charts quickly, falling to #48 in its second week with over 20,000 copies sold, then falling off the Top 100.

Twista - Adrenaline RushTwista - Adrenaline RushTwista - Adrenaline RushTwista - Adrenaline Rush